"I have worked with Mac Leslie on and off for 4 years.  Everything he has, he puts into his craft. His detail oriented and focused mindset has drawn more out of a piece than I would have thought possible, and the level of trust he both gives and expects ensure a wonderfully seamless, collaborative process." - Kathryn McNall, Actor/Director


"I've had nothing but great experiences working with Mac Leslie.  Aside from being friendly and eager to help provide a fresh pair of eyes for anything you're working on, Mac isn't afraid to tell you where you can grow and improve.  If he can tell something in your work can be bigger, bolder, or more sincere, he will coax it out of you.  He can be blunt, but he's always reinforcing, and I've always appreciated that about him.  I can safely say he's definitely helped me land some parts and give killer auditions."                                                                                    -Luke Haskell, Actor